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Latest Campaign is GetReal's on-line Petition

Join GetReal's on-line petition for big supermarkets to stop giving away free plastic bags and introduce a levy.  GetReal are planning to gather all first-phase signatures by April 13th and deliver them to Foodstuff's HQ in Christchurch on April 14th.

So, please go to their website sign on to the petition and be part of the passionate effort for change.

Kiwi PlasticBag Concern

Angus Ho, organiser of Hong Kong's NO Plastic Bag Day, was visiting NZ in February 2007 and has convened a national group called Kiwi PlasticBag Concern, an alliance of Golden Bay Bag Ladies, Wanaka Wastebusters, Community Recyclers of Otago, Green Teens, BagsNOT group and many other passionate individuals who want to work together to have a national voice.

If you have a local group who wants to join in with Kiwi PlasticBag Concern, or you are an individual wondering how to get a local group acting together, or want to know how to get involved with us, please contact us via email at 

This is a poster that you can download and print off for use with retailers in your area.  It gives a positive message to people, encouraging them to Take a Reusable Bag when they go shopping.

National Poster to download

Are Progressive, progressive?

Go into your local Progressive store (Foodtown, Woolworth, Countdown, Fresh Choice and Supervalue) and check out whether they are living upto their latest initiative, of the checkout staff asking customers with 3 items or less, whether they need a plastic bag. If they don't, send an email to Quentin Duthie at by the end of Wednesday 23 May, with  'Bags Not'    in the subject line, as he is doing a press statement during Zero Waste Week.

o        The name of the store you visited
o        Location
o        Time and date of purchase
o        What you purchased*
o        Were you asked if you really needed a plastic bag first?
o        Any comments you'd like to add
and of course email the headoffice...... to let them know if their policy is working at grass roots.

Golden Bay Bag Ladies

The group was formed in November 2004 to encourage our community and retailers to eliminate their use of plastic shopping bags and become the first community in New Zealand to be plastic shopping bag free.We are a group of environmentally conscious women who felt that Golden Bay (at the top northwest corner of the South Island, New Zealand) the place where we all live, is a beautiful place and it deserves to be kept that way by its community.

Hazel, Victoria, Alison and Nicola

Many folk in Golden Bay come from other parts of the world where there is a higher commitment to reducing waste - Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, UK. We too wanted to become a less wasteful community and to inspire other small groups in the rest of New Zealand - so that they too could make the place where they live, cleaner and greener.

Coles Bay in Tasmania is the First Plastic Bag Free Town in Australia and has been Plastic Bag Free since April 2003. In the first year they stopped the use of 350,000 bags and learning their story inspired us to believe that our community could do this too.

Please join our campaign. Change your shopping habits for the better!


Nicola Basham, Victoria Davis, Hazel Pearson and Alison Ramsay

Golden Bay Bag Ladies