New Year's Resolution

Golden Bay aims to be Plastic Shopping Bag Free by end 2005. 

Please use cloth bags or boxes when you go shopping and say NO to Plastic Shopping Bags.
Golden Bay uses approx 1,000,000 plastic shopping bags per year.
That is an average of almost 1 bag per person per day. 
Each one is equal to the fuel used to travel 100m.


They are a waste of precious resources.  They are lethal to wildlife and cattle.
They create litter and landfill, whether we re-use them or not.
They are NOT really free, there is a cost:
to retailers, to us and to the environment.

They pollute our soil and water and can be lethal to stock and wildlife.


ü    Cloth Bags
ü    Baskets
ü    Cardboard Boxes

Say NO to Plastic Shopping Bags
Join in the campaign.  Why not make it your New Year's Resolution?

YOU can make a difference by shopping differently.
Let's work together to keep our planet clean and sustainable.
Thank you from The Golden Bay Bag Ladies