Stop Plastic Bags Petition

Every year, New Zealanders use 1.14billion of petroleum based plastic bags, which equates to each person using 1 bag a day. 

Be part of the GetReal campaign to get the major supermarkets to stop giving out free plastic bags and introduce a levy.   Visit their website

Send the following sample email petition sentence to either/both major NZ supermarkets.

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Title: Stop Free Plastic Bags in your Supermarkets

Dear Sir, Madam,

I support the GetReal campaign to Stop Free Plastic Bags.  As your customer, I want your supermarkets to drastically reduce the number of free plastic shopping bags they give away.  The most effective way is to introduce a small charge for the plastic shopping bags. 

I urge your supermarkets to start charging for plastic shopping bags, immediately.  I will support those supermarkets who charge for plastic shopping bags by choosing to shop at their stores.

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Background Information:

These are the two major supermarket chains who own/operate almost all the supermarket business in New Zealand - Progressive Enterprises Ltd and the Foodstuffs group of companies.

Progressive holds almost 45% of grocery business in NZ and operates Woolworths, Foodtown and Countdown.  Progressive is the franchise coordinator for SuperValue and Fresh Choice.  Progressive is a subsidiary of the Australian company, Woolworths Limited.   (see

Foodstuffs is a NZ company which holds almost 55% of grocery business in NZ and encompasses the stores groups - New World, PAK'n SAVE, Write Price, Four Square and On the Spot.  (see

In a recent survey, respondents consider 56%* of their plastic bags handed out by supermarkets were unnecessary and 80%* of New Zealand shoppers believe that supermarkets could do more to reduce the numbers of plastic bags they give out. 

 *(Kiwi PlasticBag Concern Research. February 2007) For a full copy of the research findings use this link: