Steps for Councils

1. Is there a town or suburb in your council area that could go Plastic Check-Out Bag Free?

This usually applies to areas without a major supermarket. This involves towns replacing free plastic check-out bags with paper and reusable bags. 

2. Look at possibilities for sponsorship of a calico bag giveaway to every household and school child in the town.

Many councils have used their domestic waste levy to fund this or they have obtained sponsorship for the bags from local businesses. Australian Councils such as Hunters Hill, Randwick and Wollongong have given away hundreds of thousands of reusable bags in partnership with Planet Ark.

3. Meet with your local Chambers of Commerce to discuss a plan to reduce plastic bag usage in your area.

You can show Planet Ark's Plastic Bag Free DVD to them. This DVD has some great footage of the whale that died after ingesting six square metres of plastic and also a segment about Coles Bay, Australia's First Plastic Bag Free Town.

Make sure you have read through the 'Why are plastic bags a problem' and the 'Frequently Asked Questions' pages on this website to help you answer questions you may be asked.

4. Compile a list of retailers in your council area that use plastic check-out bags.

It may be useful for you to identify those stores in your area that are already plastic check-out bag free e.g McDonald's. You can use the names of these retailers when you are persuading other retailers to stop using plastic check-out bags.

5. Write to all retailers in your area to invite them to join the council's plastic bag reduction initiatives.

6. Show Your Local Retailers how to reduce their Plastic Check-Out Bag Usage.

See the website for information for retailers in your local area to reduce their Plastic check-out bag usage.

7. Design a plastic bag reduction poster to go up in your local retail outlets.

8. Run an ongoing campaign with your local newspaper or radio station to motivate your community into reducing their plastic bag usage.